At Fremont Middle School, we believe that every student and staff member should have the opportunity to “Promote Respect, Foster Pride and Inspire Excellence” everyday.    This mission is carried out in a number of different ways, and we strive to prove it to visitors within minutes of when they first walk into the building.

Respect is promoted through educating individuals to be self-accountable for their own actions.  Our students are educated on this aspect in a number of different forms.  Consequences for misconduct are fair and just, and are geared towards helping students redirect their behavior.  New programs and personnel have also been created to help make sure students are successful in promoting respect.  For instance, we have implemented a new Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum titled “Why Try”, and have hired a corporation Social Worker and Counselor specializing in Restorative Practices.

Students and staff also foster individual and community pride at Fremont Middle School.  We offer many opportunities to celebrate our wonderful students and staff through the “Going Green” program.  This program is solely based on grades, and unlocks many privileges for students to have fun, such as regular visits to the Eagles Nest or admission to High Flyers Trips.  Our staff members also believe in the importance of student collaboration and working together as a team towards a common goal.  This can be observed often in the classroom or during the many different extracurricular activities that we offer.  Helping us achieve this mission takes effort from all stakeholders, and we are confident that together, as Eagles, we can SOAR to new heights!

Mr. Mitchell Ridenour
FMS Principal