If you choose to reserve space in our buildings, please keep in mind that fees may be charged to offset associated custodial costs. Any organization using district facilities must meet insurance requirements and have a current Certificate of Insurance on file with the District. If you would like information about which space might be the most suitable for your use, or have other questions, please contact Jacqui Patton in our Corporate office. Jacqui's contact information is 260.495.5005, or 

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All facility use requests are completed online. The first step needed to make an online facility use request is to create a user account. You can do so by clicking the Register icon below. Be sure to complete all information fields and then click the submit button. If your registration was successful you will receive an e-mail confirmation. The video and Quick Start Guide below will provide additional information.

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Under Indiana law, a school is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in physical fitness activities at this location if the death or injury results from the inherent risks of the physical fitness activity.

Inherent risks of physical fitness activities include risks of injury inherent in exercise, the nature of a sport, the use of exercise equipment, or the use of a facility provided by a school.  Inherent risks also include the potential that you as the supervisor and/or designee may act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury or death, to the injury or death of a participant, or that other participants may act in a manner that may result in injury or death to you.  

You are assuming the risk of providing and/or participating in this physical fitness activity.