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Years ago, taxes were enacted to pay for education in the community for the children. The population found taxes as a good way to obtain money so other government agencies and public services joined in with raising taxes. When an area was plotted for development, the land was divided into sixteen lots and you had to designate one lot for education. This is why when you drove around in the county you can find schoolhouse relics out the countryside. There are still various school buildings in the boundaries of today’s Fremont Community Schools.

Education is not part of the U.S. Constitution so it becomes the responsibility of each state. The State of Indiana has determined the amount and the way monies are collected for education. There are four funds predominantly used by school corporations. Two funds are controlled by the State and two have some local control but are limited by State limitations/regulations.

These funds have defined ways the dollars can be spent. Money in one fund cannot be spent on another fund. An example is: Money in the Operations Fund that pays for the purchase of a bus cannot be used for teacher salaries. We can sell a bond to build a structure but we cannot use any of that money for student programs or staff insurance or salaries.

On May 7, 2024, residents of the Fremont School Corporation area will be able to shape the future of our schools, students, and community. This will be done by voting on the renewal of the 2015 operating referendum. The original referendum, supported by our community, was set at just over 19.6 cents per $100 of assessed property value. The proposed renewal seeks a reduced rate of 0.15 cents per $100 of assessed property value (note: this is based on assessed, not market, value).


The referendum amount only affects the school tax portion of your property tax bill. 

The duration of the renewed referendum, if approved, will be eight years. This period represents the maximum time allowable. It's important to note that Fremont Community Schools may choose to levy a rate lower than the maximum. Our commitment is to strive to maintain or decrease the tax rate for our residents. We pledge to keep the community regularly updated on levy rates through our monthly newsletter and at school board meetings. Your vote is crucial in this decision-making process.


did you know

982 students are enrolled in our Fremont Schools

158 teachers and staff are employed by Fremont Community Schools

Every year, we serve an average of 134,280 nutritious meals to all Fremont students

Our bus drivers drive 870 miles each day

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“The funds generated from this referendum will make lasting changes for our community and provide generations of future Eagles new and greater possibilities.”

Andy Lies, President of the FCS Board of School Trustees